Friday, April 25, 2008

Change of plans?

So. Jeff and I now have our income tax returns and were planning on deciding on a house soon...I was feeling a little anxious in general. I really like the houses that we'd narrowed down as our favorites, but I have to admit that I wasn't completely in love with them.

Everyone said "when you see it, you'll know." Frankly, at our price point, I just didn't think that was going to happen. Then yesterday, on a whim, I decided to look through houses on Craigslist (because you can often find properties that aren't listed in MLS for one reason or another.) I figured it was worth a shot. And I stumbled across this:

Can you hear my heart going pitter pat? And me swooooning? Cause I am. I told our realtor that I thought it was unlikely that I'd walk into ANY house and like it enough to make an offer on the spot. I will refrain from jumping into anything, but sheeesh. I think I'm in love.

I haven't felt excited about any other house like I've felt with this one...just from one small sketch.

I called the builder today. It's in a lovely neighborhood that we actually already drove through. It's actually priced UNDER our limit and everything under the sun is included: all landscaping, window coverings, HOA covers your front lawn maintenance...and it's possible that we could get a lot overlooking the park. It's taking every ounce of me not to start squealing right now!

So. Here we are. A completely unexpected turn, but maybe this is where we were meant to go. It's still minutes away from our friends (who Jeff will be carpooling with) and they'll let me alter floorplans if I want (you know that makes this little seamstress happy. I can never just follow the plans!) Also...this is a neighborhood where you can bring your own builder, so it's definitely not cookie-cutter.

Mmmm...we're going to see a model on Sunday and they're supposed to email floorplans to me. I'll definitely keep you all posted! :)

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