Monday, April 7, 2008

Top house picks:

On Saturday, we walked around the neighborhoods of the two houses we like the most right now.

House A (this is an unfinished house):

Here's what it looks like painted (not that I'm in love with these colors, but it gives a better idea)

I like how this house looks...and wouldn't it be PERFECT for my Halloween decorations??
-nice and sunny
-bigger sq footage
-flow from garage to utility room to kitchen would make carrying in groceries easier
-neighborhood is AMAZING. There are also bigger, more expensive houses in this neighborhood and is a very nice little family neighborhood
-although the yard is smaller and less private, there's a HUGE park in the center of the subdivision with a basketball court, playground and they're supposed to be putting in a pool too
-since this one is unfinished, we could choose flooring, counters, finishes, etc
-HOA fees are lower, from what I've found

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