Wednesday, April 16, 2008

House hunting: Day 5!

Yesterday was an up and down house day. The first one we stopped at wouldn't let us in (apparently her realtor never told her we were coming?) Whaaatever. Butch said it didn't really look like something we wanted to waste our time on, just from what he saw from the entry.

Next, we stopped in Kim & Jesse's neighborhood. The builders weren't there and the realtor who was there was incredibly rude. They also won't let us tour the model we were interested in...I think I've just had enough. It's still on the list if nothing works out, but I don't care for how we've been treated there.

Third stop was the neighborhood right behind Kim & Jesse (where the 1-story we like is located) and we looked through the 1 story again and they also had 2 versions of the 2-story completed, so we toured those as well. I didn't get those pictures uploaded though...I'll try to have them up tomorrow.

Fourth stop was another new neighborhood, which was really pretty as well. Historical looking houses, but all brand new. I like this trend! :) There wasn't anything to tour there though, so we went to the last place...a pre-existing home...but I think it's going to have to have a separate post!

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