Monday, April 14, 2008

House #15

This was the last one for our trip last had potential, but something in my gut said that there was more wrong with this house than we could see, plus it was further away than I cared to be.

This definitely would've been a fixer, but at over 1400 sq ft, it's the biggest one we've looked at in our price bracket:

The porch needed to be fixed:

but the living room was nice and sunny!

The kitchen was ok...needed some updating...

There was also a good sized family room (which had some LOVELY huntin' themed wall border!

Basically, when you walked in and to the right, there was the dining/kitchen area and then the family room behind that:

The bathroom was a little weird:

The windows needed to be replaced:

The yard was one giant weed, I swear.

...and the property backed to a big open field, with a church/private school to the right:

Overall...just too much work. Did I also mentioned that it smelled musty? We decided that they probably cleaned the carpet in a hurry and didn't let it dry properly.


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