Friday, April 4, 2008

House hunting: day 4!

We went out again on Wednesday. Of course, Jeff didn't get out of court on time (isn't that how it always goes when you have some place to be?), so we were a little late and I was still feeling scattered and brainless after being in a couple of houses that made my allergies less than I apparently forgot to take pictures after the first house. Oops!


House #6: This was a simple row house style, relatively close to where we are now. It's about 3-3.5 miles from downtown and it would be less than a mile to work for me, once the family I nanny for builds their new house.

Here's the front:

I like the style, it just doesn't have much storage, which is a big problem for me.

The lower level was nice enough:

It had 2 master bedrooms upstairs (or they were the exact same size at least, but one had a bathroom attached and there was another bath in the hallway between the two). The view from the back bedroom was actually pretty decent, considering the area of town this was in:

Problems though: No garage (nor a place to really put one), only 2 bedrooms, not a lot of storage.

Entertaining point: It was quite the bachelor pad! I have never seen so many pictures of one person before. It was weird. Big collage frames...all pictures of him. There was ONE picture downstairs and ONE picture upstairs that had other people in them.

Even better, he actually had this poster framed and hanging instead of actual art:

House 7: This one was overwhelming with the airfresheners. When you walked into the master (which was the only room she was staying in), it was obvious why. *cough, hack, sneeze* She was a big time smoker. That's a deal breaker. I can't live with the smoke. It's a shame too, because it was a nice enough size and all. It needed some remodeling, but nothing too major.

"House" 8: I didn't notice that this one was a townhouse in the listing. It was small and cramped and overpriced. It also didn't have any showerheads? Weird.

Definite dealbreakers:
~While we were waiting to get in, 2 fighter jets flew over and I felt my eardrums vibrate! LOL...

~Also, a neighbor came a low-rider truck with a neon-airbrushed paint job and the stereo thumping. He just seemed like the type of neighbor who comes home with that blaring at 2 am, and especially when you're talking townhouses...I'm not interested, thanks. I'm old and cranky these days.

Houses 9 &10: These 2 are still our favorites by far. They're new construction near our friends, Kim and Jesse. There are some minor drawbacks, but both of those are on the top of our list at this point. I've walked through #9 twice now and #10 3 times....and yet I never think to take pictures! Oops!

So...that's this week. We've got 3 more houses to see on Monday. I'm glad to have a little break!

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