Saturday, February 28, 2009

New bike! New bike!

I've been using Jeff's old bike to get to work, but it just wasn't comfortable for me. Soooo, once our tax returns came in, we opted to get me my very own bike. Hooray!!

Sing with me now:
IIIII got a neeeeew bike! Iiiiiiiiiiit is a cuuuuuuuuuuute bike! :D

Full shots:

Cute leather seat. So comfy, and big enough for my bootie!

Main frame and front wheel:

Front wheel detail:

Back wheel details:

Detail of the bike seat:

And a cute little bell too! (We bought this separately)

Isn't it the cutest??? In case you can't totally tell, it's a pearly cream color and the pink accents are kind of salmon colored. I'm. In. Love!!!

Of course, it's ridiculously windy, so I didn't get to ride it like I wanted to when we got home. *sniff*

At long last!

I finally found all of my camera cords, so I finally of my hair cut! :)

Before (I hadn't cut my hair in almost a year...I was one day short of a year, actually):

After (shorter and red highlights added!):

The pictures aren't the best. Sorry!

You can see the red more in direct light. I'll try getting a shot like that at some point, but it was a little tricky when I was taking pictures of myself. ;)

Anyway, I'm off to go bike shopping!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A fight I had to break up today...

Quick recap for the newbies: P and baby E=kids I nanny for. J=the kids' cousin that I used to nanny for.

P and J had Little Gym today. P's momma dropped them off so she could stop by Winco quickly to get them some lunch. The girls are just a few weeks apart in age, and it's just kind of funny to watch them play together now. They're both starting to get into imaginative play.

Anyway, the girls were in P's room, playing with the little kitchen. I checked on the baby (who was napping) and I suddenly hear squealing and arguing from the next room.
J is screeching "You're sitting on dem!!"
P: Nuh uh! Dey're ober DER.
J: Nuh uh! You're SQUISHIN dem!!!!

Apparently they were playing with imaginary ducks (10 of them to be precise) and I guess P was standing where J decided they were. Good grief. Arguing over imaginary ducks. Why, yes! The girls ARE two! However did you guess? :P

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am married to the king of the dorks.

Oh. Dwarf, not dork...and stuff.

As some of you know, Jeff and his buddies from law school get together every year for their Vikingfest. It is complete with costumes, Viking names, Viking Olympics, Viking food...the dorkiness just goes on and on. ;)

My favorite story from this year's Vikingfest Dorkfest? (He just got home from it last night):
Jeff (aka "The Dwarf King") has a black cape that he wears. When he has the hood up, the boys have decided that he looks like Darth Maul.

New guy, Tobias, has a brown cape. They've decided that he looks like Obi Wan.

Needless to say, they insisted on a battle: Dwarf Maul vs. Toby Wan Kenobi. Oh, how I wish I was kidding!! :P

And before I forget...someone had a light saber application on their phone, so it was complete with sound effects. Wooooow. I am such a lucky woman! :P

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Anoter craigslist find!

I found a table for my sewing machine. Woohoo!

I think I might eventually paint it and put some fun drawer pulls on it...or maybe just line the drawers with some pretty paper.

Price: $30. Not too shabby. :)