Thursday, February 19, 2009

A fight I had to break up today...

Quick recap for the newbies: P and baby E=kids I nanny for. J=the kids' cousin that I used to nanny for.

P and J had Little Gym today. P's momma dropped them off so she could stop by Winco quickly to get them some lunch. The girls are just a few weeks apart in age, and it's just kind of funny to watch them play together now. They're both starting to get into imaginative play.

Anyway, the girls were in P's room, playing with the little kitchen. I checked on the baby (who was napping) and I suddenly hear squealing and arguing from the next room.
J is screeching "You're sitting on dem!!"
P: Nuh uh! Dey're ober DER.
J: Nuh uh! You're SQUISHIN dem!!!!

Apparently they were playing with imaginary ducks (10 of them to be precise) and I guess P was standing where J decided they were. Good grief. Arguing over imaginary ducks. Why, yes! The girls ARE two! However did you guess? :P

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