Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What I've learned while house hunting...

Although we've only seen a handful of houses so far (we're going out again tonight and tomorrow after work), we've already learned quite a bit...

Things I have learned so far while house hunting: people get creative with their listings. I'm sure that they think that they'll entice you in and maybe you'll just fall in love with their house, but I seriously wonder if some of these are just plain delusional.

For instance:
1)What they said: "Newly updated!!
What they meant: "newly updated" = they painted. Period. The tub and toilet were a lovely harvest gold color and I believe the countertops were bright orange in the master.

Check out these groovy counters!

2)What they said: "New carpet in master!"
What they meant:
The new carpet? Well, it was a rental and I'm assuming that the carpet in the master was destroyed for one reason or another, but I swear to you, the carpet was older than me.

The carpet looks so much nicer in pictures. It was that weird bumpy stuff and it looked like marbled chocolate milk, except more of a dated grayish brown. The master was a slightly different color, but the same icky style...and there was a 3rd kind of carpet in the teeny tiny closets. Goooo figure.

3) What they said: "No backyard neighbors!"
What they meant: "Unless you count cars...but cars can't be neighbors, right?" Yeah...the last one we looked at backed up to the highway. Granted, there was a church parking lot between you and the highway, so the noise wasn't quite as bad, but you could see cars flying over the overpass! Hello, no privacy! :P

I'm sure there will be other insights...but we've only seen a few houses. I'm beginning to think that only crazy people are selling here.

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  1. I remember so well. Wait until you see a foreclosed home -- we saw one where the angry ex-homeowners had torn out every. single. fixture. Happy hunting, and I hope you have better luck next go-round!