Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The crazy house (continued)....

They said: Nice upgrades such as tiled countertops (bathrooms & kitchen)

I say: Just because it was an upgrade in '93 does NOT mean it's still considered an upgrade.

Now...I don't see anything in the listing about the fridge and dryer (didn't see a washer) being included. A girl can hope though!
The dryer:

And Jeff modeling the fridge...try to contain yourselves!

There were definitely some interesting decor choices as well...
"And here, we have the master shower..."

Yes...the shower has fishies. Not sure why either. They weren't even the kind to keep you from slipping! I think I'd feel weird stepping on fish every morning.

The guest bathroom had an awesome fuzzy pink toilet seat cover (which I found particularly funny since it seemed like it was a man who lived there):

The master bedroom had a super classy lightswitch:

And there was some lovely "art" in the hallways:

Spiderman comic, Miss Saigon playbill and a Star Trek poster. All framed, of course.

Oh, and don't forget the John Wayne tribute!

Alright. I think I've mocked this house sufficiently now.

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  1. Tiled benchtops are awful. Shocking to keep clean and difficult to work on. Plus you have to be careful how you put down glasses and bowls etc, as they glass can break and so can the tiles. First thing I'd do in that house is rip off the tiles, even if I had to put a plain wood top on temporarily.