Monday, April 14, 2008

House hunt: Day 4

Slowly but surely, I'm getting around to posting this...these are from last week:

I didn't get pictures at the first few because there were people there and I feel awkward taking pictures while they're home:

House #11:

This one was cute. Nice layout, cute fireplace, pristine yard. Apparently it was a little old man who had lived there. I don't know if he'd passed away or if he was moved to a nursing home or what.

-the kitchen layout was a little weird. It was like they tried to cram as many cabinets as they could into one tiny area...and you couldn't open all of them. Pointless.

-"close to shopping!!" Umm...yeah. The backyard overlooked the back of Kmart and a strip mall. Noooo thank you. Don't care how many trees you plant back there, it's still backing a Kmart.

House #12:

This one was a big fat no. Let's go over why:
-shingles missing. At one spot in the roof, there were shingles mounded up around a pipe. Innnnnteresting.

-smelled like dog. Wet, stinky dog. Especially in the master. Gross.

-super dusty/dirty.

-there were cracks running up the wall and across the ceiling.

-there was not only ugly brain carpet in this house, but some weird plaid indoor/outdoor stuff in the kitchen and bathrooms.

-wall border on some of the cabinets? It would take so much more work to fix that than to just take it off of a wall...

-the back porch was n BAD shape and there was dog poo EVERYWHERE.

I took more pictures after this, so I'm going to split my posts.

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