Sunday, May 4, 2008

House thoughts.

I'm late in updating...oops.

Last Sunday, we went to see the neighborhood of the house I posted about. We like the neighborhood, like the house, but I have to say that the builder made me less than comfortable. He wasn't awful. I didn't run away screaming or anything, but it concerns me when I ask questions and don't really get a straight answer.

This community has some pretty specific CC&Rs (that's the community rules, in case anyone doesn't know). One of which is that you have to have sod in the whole yard. He mentioned grass seed in the back. I asked about the CC&R requirement and he kind of brushed me off.

I was also told how they use all these high end upgrades and how much better they are than the other houses we're considering...blah blah salespitch blah. I didn't see all that big of a difference. Nicer doors, higher end carpet and rubbed bronze fixtures (which are pretty, but considering how my white gold prongs around my diamond are turning, yeah. I don't think that would work).

So. We're sort of at square one again. However....did I mention that the family I nanny for builds houses?? Mmmmhmmm...we're discussing now. I'll keep you all posted.

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