Monday, July 7, 2008

Creative Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!

This week's project: hair curlers!

I used this tutorial.

I made some minor changes...mine are wider (6"x9" instead of 4"x9") and I attached a ribbon loop to the end, since my machine is old and I can't figure out the buttonhole attachment. I also found it easier to attach the buttons before I stuffed them:

They quite comfy in. I even tested laying down with them and they were WAY more comfortable than the old sponge rollers. My only concern is that they might not stay put in my super baby fine hair.

The one thing I might change/add is some felt. I'm thinking about adding some felt to the outer strip and maybe some around the middle to help grip my hair. We'll see.

Overall, a fun quick project! I need to see how much curl they actually give though.


  1. Too Cute! And what a nice gift for that Tween/Teen girl. And even older girls like myself. ;-)

  2. Clever. I'll be interested to hear how well they work. I wonder if velvet or velveteen would grip the hair better.

    I've been occasionally using the old-style pink curlers in my girls' hair lately and they don't seem to find them uncomfortable but this type still might be an upgrade if they work well.