Monday, June 23, 2008

Creative Challenge

I've been discussing my creative slump with others in the same boat and I've decided to start a challenge to try to motivate myself. I'm always happier when I'm doing something creative. I just need to get back on track!

So. My challenge is this: to post something creative every Monday. For me, it will probably be crafty related, but it could be artwork or poetry or photography...whatever your creative outlet is.

Anyone else wanna play along? There's no pressure. If you miss a week, it's no big deal. I just thought it would be fun to encourage one another. I'd be happy to link to other people's Creative Challenge posts too! Also, if there's another day of the week that's better for you, just let me know!

We'll begin a week from today. My goal for this week is to get the sewing room back in order so that I can get back on track!

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