Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

Ahhh, the joys of renting an old house!

On Wednesday, we came home to find that our sprinklers were malfunctioning (we're on irrigation sprinklers, so they run for 12 hours, once a week). We think that over saturated the ground, and flooded the basement. Awesome.

It didn't flood a ton, but there was water standing all through the storage area, under the hot water heater and air conditioning/heating unit and through to our bathroom. Thankfully, it didn't get our bedroom, but it soaked the carpeting and tiled floor. Loooovely.

We vacuumed up the standing water with a shop vac and we've had fans going on the carpeted areas since then. We're still waiting for our landlord to take care of things, which is frustrating...but what more can you do?

The good thing is that it has motivated me to clean a lot!!

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  1. My mom had a similar flood last week -- the good part was that in moving boxes she found some things of her papers of her grandfather's she hadn't know she had (and they weren't wet.) I'm sorry yours doesn't have a good part. That's quite the face you're making, there. :) Pretty cute, actually.