Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My chair remodel: continued

I hand stitched the front piece on (in green, bottom front of the chair) and then sewed the piping onto the floral pieces and stitched the arm covers to that and stapled it all in place. Also, I washed up the old fabric and reused some of the nicer looking pieces to make piping for the chair. I hadn't originally intended to do that, but it matches, and yay for reusing the old, right?

I added some padding to the arms and back and wrapped the back piece around and stapled it:

Now I'm struggling with getting the side panels on. I just can't seem to line them up straight enough for my liking. I studied my pictures of the original though and I think I've figured out how to fix it.

When I got frustrated with the side pieces, I started working on the seat cushion. Bit by bit, it's coming together!

This isn't the original vision I had for the chair, but this is stuff I found for 70-80% off, so I think I only spent around $11 on fabric for the chair. Go me :)

Edit: Shoot. I just realized that I forgot to put the gray panel on the back of the chair. I wonder if I can figure out how to get it back on there without having to rip the back apart and start over. *sigh*


  1. I cna't wait to see it all done! GO you! I saw Toby this past weekend. It was so nice to see him.

  2. Thanks Amy! I was just getting ready to comment on your pictures from the wedding. I LOVE your dress! The pictures are great too. It's fun to see everyone again :)

  3. Wow you are doing a great job. Something I haven't had the courage to tackle.