Thursday, March 26, 2009

Super Nermal!!

So, the trip to the vet started with this:

The stupid cat scratched herself and then obsessively licked it until she rubbed a huge bald spot on her chest (It looks puffy in the pictures for some reason. It wasn't...just hairless! :P)

So, the vet gave her a shot and some cortisone cream. I needed to make something to keep her from licking it off though...and thus was born...the Super Nermal cape/bib!!

She was pretty good about it at first...

But then she tore off and tried to wriggle out of it. She only got it down to her belly though, so she pouted

She seems to be doing a lot better now, so all is well. Hopefully the fur grows back quickly so that she doesn't look so pitiful!

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