Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The tour!

From the outside:

Looking in from the front door:

From the door, going straight back. Entry, dining area (with the pillar) and the living room at the back.

From the entry/dining area, the kitchen is to the right:

Here's a view of the kitchen from the living room/back of the house:

It's a split floor plan, so our master bedroom is to the right:
(I like the double window. I think our bed will go there)

Then there's a pocket door that leads to the bathtub, with the vanity across from it. There's a doorway just past those that leads to the toilet with linen closet across from it. Then, there's another pocket door and our walk in closet:

This is what the vanities look like (there's a second bathroom just off of the living room, in between the two other bedrooms):

Ok...back to the left side of the house. From the entry, there's a doorway to the left with a small hallway. If you turn to the right in that hallway, there's a small bedroom which will probably be an office or a small guest bedroom:

Next to that bedroom is our laundry room (a real laundry room! Hooray!):
There's a nice table top in there and cabinets that run above where the washer and dryer will go.

Next is another bathroom (similar in style to our master bath), then at the far left of the hall is my sewing room (the other bedroom has a similar closet):

As you can see, Nermal was NOT down with exploring. She planted herself in my closet and wouldn't move. *sigh* Hopefully she warms up to things!

So, um...yeah, that's the tour! We'll hopefully have everything (or the vast majority) moved in by Saturday.


  1. Love your cute new home! Lots of storage space in the kitchen. Congrats! Vicki from Delphi

  2. Very nice! Cute from the outside as well as nice and very liveable on the inside.

  3. Yeah!!!! LOVE the new place. I know once you put your special decorating touch on it, it will be perfect! :)