Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting, etc! :)

Did you? :) In case you haven't seen the commercials, Starbucks is giving out free coffee if you vote today! Ours offered the regular, decaf or Thanksgiving blend. We both had the Thanksgiving blend, which I highly recommend. It was just perfect for this cold, rainy day! :)

We were there right around 8:00 this morning (when they opened) and it thankfully only took about 30 minutes...which is saying something considering how unorganized our polling place was. Whaaatever.

I saw our neighbor there (the one who's daughter was hit a couple of months ago). She said her daughter is slowing improving and is at least a little more aware of things right now (I guess she had been really fighting them on things, like feeding tubes, etc), but she still can't speak. She just seemed so exhausted. Please continue to send healing thoughts and prayers for this family.

Anyway, I'm feeling rather productive today. We voted, went to Kinko's, got our free Starbucks coffee and dropped off Jeff's resume for the AUSA position here in Boise. I dropped him off and work and then went and picked up our new rug (it was finally in stock!) and now I'm getting ready to head out to work. Woohoo!

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