Monday, December 10, 2007

My peaceful morning...

I like this snow fall on Mondays thing we've got going on. Just enough to make it pretty...not slick.

I finally have the decorations up and the living room is mostly clean. I might add some little red garland to the fireplace...we'll see. Doesn't it look so cozy though? :)


  1. It looks beautiful, Jennifer!

    We got our tree Saturday but hadn't had time to decorate it until tonight. The kids helped me put most of the ornaments on and then I finished up and put things away and cleaned the living room after they went to bed. I'm too tired to take a picture right now. :)

  2. VERY Cozy! How pretty, Jenn! :-) I'm a bit "green" that you have snow. We had the AC on this week.

    Merry Christmas! :-)