Monday, June 1, 2009

Felt Dollhouse!

I *finally* finished the dollhouse for the little girl I nanny for. Only 6 months late! *grins*

And in case I haven't mentioned, it was based off of this tutorial. I just handstitched all of mine out of felt. I think I may have lost my mind!

Kitchen in progress (the handles aren't really that wonky. They're buttonhole stitches, so they stand out from the fridge and stove!)

Dining room in progress:

Living room in progress:

Side/back view:

All opened up:

Closeup: Vintage button

Closeup: Front of the house:

Closeup: Another vintage button (aren't they the cutest???) and little birdies on the side of the house

Another front of the house shot (but look! mushrooms!):

So,'s finished! I'm sure the neighbors loved watching me laying and crawling in the front yard to get pictures. What can I say? I am my father's child (he's also known for doing such things!)


  1. Tell me you're not really going to give this away! :) I'm sure she'll love it.

    I've been out in the backyard taking photos in my pjs before (not *of* me in my pjs, photos of my kids,) when the neighbors came out on their porch and I ran back inside.

  2. Mabel's comment: "Is that for sale?"

  3. Sooooooo cute! What little girl wouldn't love that?

  4. what a work of art!! lovely!

  5. That is gorgeous, so much love an attention has gone into that.