Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm so behind in posting, but here are some silly pictures of us, just for fun!

I'm slowly going through the pictures I took while we were home for Christmas.

We went to a wedding in Columbia, MO for one of Jeff's high school friends. She actually got married in August in Yellowstone (or Jellystone, as her dj called it), and this was the reception. It was nice to see Bina again and I got to meet her sister Prity (I think that's how it's spelled?). They're both hilarious and super sweet, and I really enjoyed their parents as well. :)

Here we are with the happy couple:

And here's what happens when we start acting like idiots with my camera (and no, we weren't drunk...just being goofy):

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  1. Jennifer, I'm Linda Bernat - friend of your Mom. You look just like her when we first met her in 1972. She was so precious to us and we will always cherish our time with her. She babysit our children 3 afternoons a week. They threw water baloons on her head from the top of the stairs and caught plastic cups on fire on the pilot light on the top of the stove and threw up but she always came back! They loved her very much. I love your blog. You can see mine at LindaSellsKansas.com and click on blog.