Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reusable Grocery Bags: Take 2!

I've had these finished for a few weeks now...I just keep forgetting to post them. It's just basically a pattern cut off of a plastic shopping bag, but with a pocket sewn to the front, so you can fold it up into its own little pouch. The tutorial is here

These pictures aren't so great, but you get the idea:

I find it hilarious that it's the MALE checkers who go on and on about how fabulous and cute they are. LOL...

Here are the bags plus the first one I made:

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  1. I was blog hopping and found you here. I am in the middle of making some reusable grocery bags as well. I used the plastic bag as a pattern too. Why mess with something at already works? I just made mine a little larger.

    I like the pocket on the outside.